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Issue 11-3 January 19, 2017 (January 19, 2017 12:15 am)

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Old Man Kelly – Off My Lawn! | Album Review

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Old Man Kelly – Off My Lawn! Self-Produced http://www.oldmankelly.com/ CD: 12 Songs, 42:38 Minutes Styles: Contemporary American Roots Rock, Contemporary Acoustic Blues   Even though 2016 has come and gone, one of the funniest titles of its


David Vest – Devestatin’ Rhythm | Album Review

Jan 23, 2017Comments off

David Vest – Devestatin’ Rhythm Ark-O-Matic 10 songs – 41 minutes www.davidvest.ca Maple Award winner David Vest may be living in Canada’s Pacific Northwest, but the pulse-pounding barrelhouse piano player still doesn’t stray far from the sounds


The Wildcat O’Halloran Band – That Boy Don’t Play No Blues | Album Review

Jan 22, 2017Comments off

The Wildcat O’Halloran Band – That Boy Don’t Play No Blues Dove Nest Records 2016 11 tracks; 44 minutes www.wildcatohalloran.com In the past Massachusetts-based Wildcat O’Halloran has apparently been accused of ‘stretching the form’ by purists, so


Kurt Crandall – Take It Off | Album Review

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Kurt Crandall – Take It Off YesterYear Records – 2016 10 tracks; 44 minutes https://kurtcrandall.com/ Kurt Crandall is a much-travelled harmonica player, having lived and played in Seattle, Georgia and Chicago before his present sojourn in Richmond,


Charlie Wheeler Band – Blues Karma And The Kitchen Sink | Album Review

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Charlie Wheeler – Blues Karma And The Kitchen Sink  www.charliewheelerband.com Self Release 12 songs – 58 minutes The Charlie Wheeler Band are a three-piece based in Ridgway, PA, and Blues Karma And The Kitchen Sink is their


Laurence Jones – Take Me High | Album Review

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Laurence Jones – Take Me High Ruf Records 2016 10 tracks; 44 minutes www.laurencejonesmusic.com Laurence Jones received the accolade of “Young Artist Of The Year” in the British Blues Awards in 2014 and 2015 and is probably


The Fabulous Thunderbirds – Strong Like That | Album Review

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The Fabulous Thunderbirds – Strong Like That Severn Records 2016 10 tracks; 41 minutes www.fabulousthunderbirds.com Although credited to the T’Birds this is essentially a Kim Wilson solo album. Of the band who produced On The Verge in


Issue 11-3 January 19, 2017

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Cover photo by Bob Kieser © 2017  In This Issue  Don Wilcock has our feature interview with Johnny Sansone. We have 8 Blues reviews for you this week including reviews of new music from Charlie Wheeler,


Bill Johnson – Cold Outside | Album Review

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Bill Johnson – Cold Outside Self-Release – 2016 11 tracks; 46 minutes www.billjohnsonblues.com Canadian Bill Johnson was born in 1964 and started early on guitar. His precocious skills led him on to stages from age 14 and


Matyas Pribojszki Band – My Stories | Album Review

Jan 17, 2017Comments off

Matyas Pribojszki Band – My Stories Self-Release – 2016 12 tracks; 59 minutes www.matyaspribojszki.com Once again showing that the blues has no geographical boundaries, here is Hungarian Matyas Pribojszki with his latest album. Matyas has been recording